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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Too short shorts !

At our school we wear uniforms so when we had a jeans day the girls could wear shorts. The minute I walked in the door the teacher was like "those are too short!" Then she made all the girls stand up and do the "Shorts Test" where you put your hands at your sides and your fingertips should reach at least to the bottom of your shorts. Well, mine were like 5 inches off! So I had to walk around all day with my shorts halfway down my butt cuz they were too short any other way! Luckily I was wearing a pretty long shirt, but now I think I'll just wear pants to school, no matter how hot it is!
story by Danielle

If You Could Start & Stop a Trend by Jillian Lite

Trend to stop:1. Hoop earings: MUST GO, they look really cheap and make you look like a pirate.2. Peasant Tops: If you wear a bra, I suggest most not-likely to wear a peasant top.3. Make-Up on young kids: My parents have a theory that wearing make-up all the time makes you look nice, but when you take off the make-up you look terrible and most fashionably don't look as good as the other kids/girls wearing make-up!!!!!Trend to start:1. Baseball T-shirts: are really cool and look good on everyone.2. Denim Shoes: Look awesome stylish and cool with any out fit.3. Denim Jackets: AS some people like I say there's nothing like a good 'ol denim jacket and it goes with anything.